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Naoki Yoshida Has Revealed That Final Fantasy XVI’s Newest Trailer Is Dropping Soon

And the game is nearly done!

After commenting last week that Final Fantasy XVI was in the “final stages of development”, the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida has once again given the game a brief mention, this time during a livestream event dedicated to a new NieR Re[in]carnation and Final Fantasy XVI collaboration.

Thanks to the always-timely translation work from Twitter user Audrey we know that during the panel Yoshi-P (as Yoshida is affectionately known) addressed his previous comments and re-confirmed that the game is essentially complete and the studio is hard at work polishing and testing everything. This hopefully means we’ll still see the game drop in 2022.

In sooner news though, Yoshi-P also mentioned that the game’s newest trailer (and only the second one since the game’s reveal) is complete and ready to go. The producer says that certain factors resulted in the trailer being delayed but that it should drop soon:

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development exclusively for PlayStation 5. You can watch the existing “Awakening” trailer below:

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