Deathloop’s Latest Update Adds Some Much Needed Accessibility Options And A Robust Photo Mode

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Arkane Studios has dropped a major new update for 2021’s critically-acclaimed first person immersive sim, Deathloop, that adds some much-requested features.

The star of “Deathloop Game Update 3” is a brand-new Photo Mode that allows players (in single player mode only) to create their own photo masterpieces with a huge array of options to tweak and edit shots. Players are able to change camera modes, swap out character models and outfits, apply filters and DoF effects, add stickers and a heap more. There’s a trailer showing off some of what can be achieved in Photo Mode just below:

The other part of the update, and one which might excite those who’ve been on the fence about the game more than a Photo Mode, is a new Accessibility settings menu that adds a range of options that fans have been clamouring for since the game’s release. According to the patch notes for the update on Arkane’s website, the developer has added the following:

First launch accessibility improvements
  • Players can now change the subtitle color when first launching a new game with a new save
  • This first launch menu also now includes a preview of the subtitle formatting. This preview will show the impacts of the size, color and opacity choices on the subtitle display.
Accessibility menu category
  • A new dedicated Accessibility category can be found in the options menu, including both existing options and new options available with this patch. The accessibility menu includes four categories: Visuals, Gameplay, Interface and Menus.
  • All settings in the Accessibility category are duplicated in other menus. For example, the HUD accessibility options are also available in the Interface category. We hope this allows players to easily find relevant options.
Gameplay accessibility options
  • Number of Reprises
    o Players can now choose between 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or infinite reprises (Single Player only)
    o Increase or decrease the difficulty of the game by choosing how many times Colt can die before the loop is reset. For example, zero reprises means that the loop will reset the first time Colt dies.
    o Online or Friends modes will always require the 2-reprise default setting
  • Aim assist lock
    o Full aim assist lock on NPC, Camera, and turrets is now available when enabling this setting (Single Player only)
    o When this setting is enabled, using the controls to aim a weapon (for most weapons) will cause the crosshairs to snap to the target and lock on. This can improve targeting enemies during in gameplay and is disabled by default.
  • Hacking mode
    o Players can now change the input for hacking from a Hold (default) to a toggle
    o When set to a toggle, pressing once will begin the hacking and will auto complete after the timer has completed. Pressing a second time before it completes will cancel the hack.
  • Aim mode
    o Players can now change the input for aiming down sights from a Hold (default) to a toggle
    o When set to a toggle, pressing once will enter aiming down sights and pressing a second time will stop aiming down sights
  • One shot kills
    o When this new setting is enabled, all enemies (NPC, cameras, turrets) are killed instantly when hit with a weapon shot, machete or grenade (Single Player only)
  • Combat difficulty
    o Three preset combat difficulty options are now available: Lenient, Default and Harsh (Single player only)
    o On higher difficulty settings, enemies attack more often and are more accurate
    o Only the Default setting is available for Online or Friends modes
  • Lock loop stress
    o Enabling this new setting will remove the difficulty increase linked to the loop stress augmentation system
    o When this option is disabled, the game will automatically adjust difficulty based on the player’s success in killing visionaries, leading to increased difficulty when multiple visionaries have been killed in the same loop. This setting is set to disabled by default.
  • Adjust Game Speed
    o This new setting will reduce the speed of the game, from default (100%) to either 75% or 50% speed (Single Player Only)
    o Combat, player movement and enemy animations are all impacted by this setting
  • Adjust Game Speed mode
    o When the Game Speed is set to either 75% or 50%, this new setting allows players to choose whether the mode is set to Always or Toggl
    o View the binding for this toggle in the Controls menu for both keyboard and controller
  • Pause game while wheels active
    o Enabling this new setting will cause the game to pause when a player activates the weapon wheel (Single Player Only)
  • Tag multiple enemies
    o Enabling this new setting will tag multiple nearby enemies in a radius around the player or in line of sight (Single Player Only)
    o When this setting is disabled, only the targeted enemy will be tagged
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Deathloop is available now on PlayStation 5 and PC. If these new options have you keen to check it out, the game is on sale right now on Amazon with free shipping.