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It Seems Like Resistance: Retribution Is Coming To PlayStation Plus Deluxe

New game when, though?

It’s seeming incredibly likely that Bend Studio’s PSP entry in the Resistance franchise, Resistance: Retribution, is making its way to PS5 and PS4 via the new PlayStation Plus Deluxe/Premium subscription tier.

A rating for the game on the new platforms has appeared via Korea’s ratings board, suggesting that the title is being prepped for an impending release.

Resistance: Retribution released in 2009 and received fairly positive reviews. Sony disabled the game’s multiplayer servers in 2015, so it’s unlikely that the much-loved online modes will be available if and when the game heads to PS+ Deluxe.

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[Image via Gematsu]

So far, the only other PSP games we know are coming to the service are Echochrome, Ridge Racer 2 and Super Stardust Portable.

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