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Stray’s Trophy List And Day One Updates Have Appeared Online If Curiosity Is Killing You

Full scratch- sorry, patch notes below

Stray, the game that lets players embody one of the greatest creatures that God herself has ever created in a city populated entirely by robots, is finally out next week thanks to BlueTwelve Studio and Annapur(r)na Interactive.

The game will be available exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on July 19th, where it will also join the ranks of the titles included in the new PlayStation Plus Extra/Deluxe tiered subscriptions.

Given that we’re so close to launch, it’s not surprising to see more and more details crop up online around Stray, with both the game’s trophy list and day one patch descriptions appearing.

PlayStation Network tracking website, Exophase, published the trophy list for Stray in full some days ago, and it looks like a fun little collection of trophies that shouldn’t prove overly taxing for most players hoping to nab that sweet Platinum. It’s all incredibly cat-centric as you’d expect, with awards for sleeping and meowing a whole bunch as well as dying an appropriate total of nine times. There are trophies tied to completion, naturally, as well as one that asks players to complete the entire game in under two hours – that one should be interesting. Peep the full list right here if you don’t mind treading into some very slight spoiler territory.

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stray trophies

Also thanks to the power of the internet and database scraping, Orbis Patches has released the update details and patch notes for two pre-launch updates for Stray. It’s fairly purr-destrian stuff, describing localisation and collision issues as being remedied among various audio and graphical fixes. Also, apparently some meows have been totally “re-meowed”, which sounds very exciting. Have a look at the full deets for Stray Update 1.01 and 1.02 below:

Update 1.01 Pawtch notes:

  • Localization has been improved in several languages
  • Supplemental vibration has been added throughout the game
  • Some Meows have been totally re-meowed
  • Stability has been improved during a few critical moments
  • Performance has been improved in a few demanding places

Update 1.02 Pawtch notes:

  • Improved navigation in various places
  • Made some game scripts more robust when reloading checkpoints
  • Improved audio during cinematics
  • Polished audio sounds and general mix in throughout
  • Small graphical tweaks and fixes
  • Improved localisation in several languages
  • A LOT of collision fixes, naughty cat!
  • Thank you all for playing our first game! Hug your cat for us!