Assassin's Creed

Multiple New Assassin’s Creed Games Including Japan And Witchcraft Are Reportedly Set To Be Announced


Two notable leakers, Tom Henderson and Jason Schreier are both reporting that multiple Assassin’s Creed games are set to be announced this weekend in addition to the already revealed Assassin’s Creed Mirage (which we know is the next game in the franchise).

Both Henderson and Schreier say that the first new major game to be revealed is codenamed Red and will be set in Japan, which is a much requested location for Assassin’s Creed. It’s said that “early concepts feature a samurai-like assassin”.

The second new major Assassin’s Creed game is reportedly codenamed Hexe and is apparently set during the latter stages of the Holy Roman Empire and resolves around Witch trials, which is something totally new for the franchise.

Bloomberg’s report says that Assassin’s Creed: Infinity will be revealed, which is set to be a platform for future games in the series including both of these titles.

The reports go on to talk about Mirage which will return to the stealth focus of early titles, in which titles sneak around to perform assassinations. It will apparently be set in Baghdhad during the 800s.

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Henderson’s report goes on to talk about another game called Project Jade which is a mobile game set in China. It also mentions a VR Assassin’s Creed title called Project Nexus, but goes on to state that it’s unclear if this will be revealed this weekend.

Ubisoft had previously revealed that we will get to see what’s next for the Assassin’s Creed franchise this week, so it’s it’s assumed that all will be revealed at the Assassin’s Creed showcase which is taking place this Sunday morning at 5am AEST.