New PS5 Model

The New PS5 Model Apparently Has A Completely New Internal Design

Some big internal changes.

Last week we broke the new that a new, lighter PS5 model had arrived in Australia first shaving another 300 grams off the weight of the console.

YouTuber Austin Evans has got his hands on one of the consoles from Australia and made some fascinating discoveries about it.

Evans makes the claim that the newer console design is better. The motherboard is much smaller than that of the original model, and the new heatsink has been shrunk again from the CFI-1100 model. It combats this by running a heat pipe through to the other side of the system. It’s also noted that the SSD enclosure now has a better shield.

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Whilst the weight reduction is due to the new motherboard and smaller heatsink, the console’s plastic mould has more support which raises the weight somewhat.

New PS5 ModelIt’s also claimed that the new PS5 model is even more energy efficient only using 201 watts of power compared to 229 watts in the CFI-1100 model.

It’s worth mentioning that for the last revision (CFI-1100), Evans made some bold claims about heat that were later refuted by the likes of Digital Foundry, but he’s been very careful to purely talk about the design of the console this time around, without making any determinations about things such as heat output.

We’ll let you know if any other interesting discoveries come to light.