Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Hogsmeade Shop

Hogwarts Legacy’s PlayStation Exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade Quest Looks Super Spooky


The Hogwarts Legacy team took to the State of Play to reveal the PlayStation exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade quest.

The quest will focus on Cassandra Mason’s shop that she sells you and the secrets that lie without the shop. They’re being pretty coy on exactly what secrets you will find, but it does look to be tonally quite different from everything else we’ve seen in the game so far.

There will also challenges that you can partake in within the shop to get rewards.

You’ll need to buy any version of the game on PS4/PS5 (digital or physical) in order to get the Haunted Hogsmeade quest.

Hogwarts Legacy is out on X for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. The cheapest price is currently $82 with free delivery. You can also get access three days early by purchasing the Deluxe Edition for $109.