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McDonald’s Australia Is Giving Away Tracer Skins With Its New Overwatch Meal

I'm lovin' it!

McDonald’s cryptic Overwatch 2 tweet from last week might finally come with some answers after customers have started sharing the existence of a special Overwatch 2 Meal at Aussie stores.

Orderable right now through the MyMacca’s App, the meal is essentially just your bog-standard Big Mac or 10 piece McNugget meal, only you’ll also score a free code for an unlockable skin in Overwatch 2 – namely the Epic-tier Lightning skin for tracer.

The official website at has more info on the promotion:

“Macca’s has been a long-time partner of Overwatch esports in Australia and New Zealand. To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Overwatch 2, Maccas customers will be able to unlock an Epic Tracer Lightning skin when they purchase one of three Overwatch 2 meals via the MyMacca’s App – a Big Mac® Meal, McChicken® Meal, or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets® Meal. Be quick though, there is a limited number of codes available. Once the meal is purchased, customers will receive an email from McDonald’s with a unique code within 48 hours. Customers can then redeem their unique code through the account management page: “

Q. Where is this available?

A. This promotion will be live across all McDonald’s restaurants in Australia.

Q. How do I secure an Overwatch Epic Skin

A. Customers have to order 1 of 3 Overwatch 2 meals in the MyMacca’s App. Email confirmation will be sent to your nominated MyMacca’s account email address within 48 hours of your order and the code will be redeemable by following the details within this email.

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Q. How many codes can I get?

A. There is only 1 code per customer. If you order multiple meals, you only receive one code. There is no option to exchange the code for any other skin or item.

Q. What is a skin?

A. Character skins are cosmetic-only items that change the appearance of an Overwatch hero by altering the look and colours of their outfits and weapons.

Q. What if I already have the Overwatch Epic Tracer Lightning skin?

A. Only one Epic Tracer Lightning skin can be redeemed per account. There is no option to exchange the code for any other skin or item.

Q. Are the codes limited?

A. Yes, there is a limited number of codes available, so you’ll have to be quick!

Thanks to @OverwatchCaval on Twitter, we also know that Macca’s is slinging the meals in special Overwatch 2-themed bags, which is a nice touch: