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Monster Hunter Rise On PlayStation And Xbox Is A Shining Example Of A Port Done Right

Rising above the rest.

Monster Hunter Rise has finally spread its wings to more platforms this week, as of it right now its available across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on top of its existing releases on Nintendo Switch and PC. While we weren’t given access to the game ahead of time for a review, we’ve definitely had our eye on the release and with plenty of reviews and deep dives into the game surfacing online we thought we’d take a look and see just how its all shaken out.

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Fresh off the block, Digital Foundry released a comprehensive 20-minute video breaking down the new PlayStation and and Xbox, where it praised the quality of the original work based on its beginnings as a native Switch title but even more so the raft of options afforded to new console players to customise their visual and performance experience.

DF says the game offers practically all of the available graphical options that were made available to PC users when the game released on that platform last year, which is pretty remarkable at a time where most games simply ask players to choose to prioritise basic “quality” or “performance” toggles. Customisations for things usually reserved to a PC audience include options like texture filtering, ambient occlusion, shadow quality, high-res textures and more – with the game dynamically informing players what the processing load of the game will be based on their choices.

The new-gen versions of the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S also include up to 120Hz support and can be boosted to a native resolution beyond 4K while still targeting 60fps performance. You can watch the incredibly in-depth DF video below:

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As far as the game itself goes, reviews for the PlayStation/Xbox ports have been incredibly positive.

God Is A Geek scored the game a whopping 9.5/10, saying “Monster Hunter Rise on PS5 is a fantastic experience – especially for newcomers or fans who have been unable to get stuck in until now.”

GameRant were similarly positive with a 4.5/5 star score, their conclusion stating “Monster Hunter Rise is an absolute joy to play regardless of the platform chosen. Console players who do not have a Switch and have been eagerly awaiting this port can finally rejoice because they now have the opportunity to try out this wonderful game. The gameplay improvements found here can make it difficult to go back to World and while it does not have the same overall graphical quality as that game, this newest version is an absolute blast to play and was well worth the wait.”

Gaming Nexus said of their fresh experience with the game on PS5, “Monster Hunter Rise distills the fun of boss fights into an entire game, and it excels at doing so. While it is good in single-player, the best experience is found online playing with fellow hunters. Despite not adequately holding the player’s hand in regard to its ancillary systems, Rise never gets in its own way, and offers a fun experience for both casual players looking for short bursts of fun, as well as the more hardcore looking for a time sink.”

All in all it sounds like an excellent way to replay Monster Hunter Rise with a shiny new visual treatment, or for the very first time – and with the Sunbreak DLC coming to these new platforms in the future there’s plenty to get stuck into!

Our original review of the game on Nintendo Switch is also here.