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Sales Of The Last Of Us Games Have Rocketed Since The HBO Series’ Debut

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It’s not secret that HBO’s The Last of Us series has done incredibly well for itself, earning critical acclaim across its nine-episode run (our review is here) as well as public praise and record-breaking viewership numbers for its premiere episode last week.

One thing that’s been interesting to see first-hand after the initial episode debuted is just what the audience for the show has been in terms of those who’d played or at least been introduced to the game/s it’s based on and those who hadn’t. I’m sure that plenty of TLOU fans have had a similar experience in its wake, of talk around the workplace from previously uninterested or non-gaming colleagues who caught HBO’s The Last of Us and enjoyed it – certainly helping to boost those incredible 2-day figures of 10 million viewers.

So it’s with those people especially in mind, and of course anyone who simply hadn’t got around to the recent remake, that we now see some massive sales numbers for the TLOU game in the wake of just that initial showing. reports that, at least in the UK, boxed sales of The Last of Us Part I on PS5 jumped up a whopping 238% week-on-week, with the PS4 version of the game, The Last of Us Remastered, seeing an even bigger spike at 322%.

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Meanwhile on local shores, Amazon’s sales charts show The Last of Us Part I coming back into the #6 spot in PS5 game sales amidst etc, while The Last of Us Part II cracked the top spot for PS4 game sales and The Last of Us Remastered also squeezed into the top 10 at #5

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