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New Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Footage And Gameplay Details Have Leaked

Alpha wolf.

More video game leaks, this time with some cheeky Dragon Age: Dreadwolf info making its way to both Tom Henderson’s Insider Gaming as well as a reactionary Reddit thread where actual gameplay footage and screengrabs from an alpha build of the game have been shown.

IG reported over the weekend that the highly anticipated follow-up to Dragon Age: Inquisition was possibly further away from release than fans might have expected. Citing an unnamed source, the website claims that the game is still missing key features, voice work and bears the scars of its last-minute switch from being a multiplayer-enabled experience to being a strictly single player one.

Dragon Age 4 Is Officially Called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

The report also describes a typically-Dragon Age hub area where the player can chat to their recruited party members, get equipped and set off on missions, and that combat has a more “hack and slash” feel with limited control of your accompanying party.

Following the Insider Gaming article, a Reddit user who said it had inspired them to speak out dropped even more apparent leaks from playtester for the game, including snippets of footage and screenshots:

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The Redditor describes having seen a full 20-minute capture of alpha gameplay from Dreadwolf, but elected not to post it for fear of implicating their source. Instead, they described a lot of what was seen. Of particular note is that same idea that the combat has a “hack and slash” feel, with the leaker claiming they were told 2018’s God of War was a major reference.

It was also said that the animations, and hair visuals/physics, were far beyond the awkwardness that fans are used to from Bioware which bodes well in this early stage of development. You can read the full post here if you’re dying to know more about how Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is shaping up.