ps5 in ear headphones

PlayStation Is Reportedly Working On Two New Gaming Headsets Including Wireless In-Ear Buds

For the ears.

Insider Gaming has reported that, according to its sources familiar with the matter, Sony is gearing up to release two new sets of gaming headphones for the PS5 with both scheduled to launch towards the end of this year or early next year.

One set, currently codenamed Project Nomad, will reportedly be in-ear headphones not dissimilar to AirPods with their own charging case and roughly a five-hour battery life. The case will charge with a USB-C cable which will also be used to send updates to the headphones similarly to how the DualSense controller currently works.

The other product, codenamed Voyager, will be a new wireless over-ear headset releasing around the same time and with functionality close to that of Sony’s INZONE H7 gaming headset. The H7 offers 360 Spatial Audio with support for the PS5’s Tempest 3D tech, wireless connectivity via a USB dongle or Bluetooth and a dedicated software hub to tweak settings.

Insider Gaming says its sources haven’t confirmed a release date for these two products, or price points, but suggests that ongoing leaks of a new PS5 console coming later this year with a detachable disc drive could coincide with these new headset launches as some kind of “refresh” of the PS5 system – perhaps a significantly different new look?

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Of course, while IG is known to report mainly on rumours or leaks from reliable sources or that it’s able to independently verify, this is all very much unconfirmed at this point.