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Sonic Frontiers’ First Free Content Update Is Out This Week And Here’s What’s In It

Runnin' around at the speed of sound!

Sonic Frontiers is getting the first of its three free planned major content updates, as laid out in its 2023 content roadmap, this week! As of March 22nd (timezones permitting) the Sights, Sounds and Speed Update will be made available to players on all platforms, bringing with it a bunch of exciting new features as well as some handy tweaks to the overall game experience.


The free content update will include the following new additions:

  • Photo Mode – Frame up, edit, and capture your favourite moments in Photo Mode! Capture Sonic in action across a variety of landscapes and create the perfect photo. You can also choose between seven filters to add some flare to your photos.
  • Juke Box – Play your favourite tracks while exploring the Starfall Islands, which include tracks from Sonic Frontiers and past Sonic games! You can listen to any of the 53 songs anywhere in the open zones – 13 of which are instantly unlocked and playable as soon as the game is updated. Unlock the remaining 40 songs by collecting Sound Memories across the five islands. Keep an eye out for orange music notes!
  • New Challenge Modes – After finishing the campaign, test your skills with new challenge modes
  • Cyber Space Challenge Mode – Race through seven Cyber Space Stages back-to-back in this time-attack mode while competing against the clock!
  • Battle Rush Mode – Battle through several rounds against increasingly tough enemies, guardians, and Titans in this timed battle mode! Aim for the fastest clear time with your levelled-up Sonic. If you achieve a higher rank, you may get a special surprise

This update also includes additional changes to improve your experience while exploring the Starfall Islands, including the ability to hand over multiple Koco to the Elder and Hermit Koco, which is something I deeply wish was available when I was going for the game’s Platinum Trophy:

  • The Power Boost animation can be toggled in the Options menu.
  • The Starfall Slot Machine can be toggled in the Options menu.
  • Cyber Space levels can be restarted mid-level.
  • When upgrading Sonic, multiple Koco can now be exchanged at once with the Elder and Hermit Koco.
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Sonic Frontiers is available now. We gave it a 7.5/10 in our review.