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Honkai: Star Rail Has A Release Date And It’s Coming To PlayStation

Deep (Genshin) Impact

Honkai: Star Rail, the next big free-to-play title from the people behind Genshin Impact, has finally secured a release date and is targeting another platform.

The game, which is a “space fantasy RPG” featuring turn-based combat on large maps, is set to arrive on PC, iOS and Android on April 26th worldwide. It’s also now been announced as coming to PlayStation consoles at a later date.

The PlayStation announcement comes by way of the PlayStation Blog, which goes into detail about the game’s setting and themes. Developer HoYoverse says that Honkai: Star Rail will heavily feature exploration in a sci-fi world mixed in with elements of mythology.


Like Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail will be a free-to-play live service game with plenty of online elements and the promise of many future content updates, and will have players build out their team of four heroes from a varied roster of companions.

You can pre-register for updates and the game’s launch on PC and mobile right here, with more information on the PlayStation release still to come. Check out the newest trailer below:

Honkai: Star Rail features an in-game world awaiting discovery with elements of myth blended into a space sci-fi story. In this universe, there are “Aeons,” incarnations of universal principles that can freely travel between infinite worlds, driven by their Primum Mobile — Basically, they are gods with formidable powers! The Aeons roaming the worlds uphold their own beliefs, hence various kinds of civilization thrive around every corner of the universe.

You can experience the origin of the story in the Herta Space Station and then set sail to explore Jarilo-? and the Xianzhou Luofu, two major destinations of your interstellar journey. Jarilo-? has innumerable mysteries and dangers frozen beneath its snow caps awaiting further examination. The Xianzhou Luofu, the silkpunk flagship where inhabitants seem to have achieved immortality, foreshadows the upcoming expedition infused with Eastern fantasy.