Dreams Is Ending Live Support With The Final Update Coming In September

The dream is (sort of) over.

Media Molecule has announced that it’s ending all live support and updates for its game/art/music/anything creation suite, Dreams.

Launched in February 2020, Dreams has enjoyed a healthy run of new content, updates to its tools, special themed creation and curation events and annual awards ceremonies (The Impy Awards), but that’s all now coming to a close according to an update posted by the team, with the final update happening in September 2023 (outside of any critical fixes).

One exciting reason for these developments is the fact that Media Molecule says they’re working on a brand-new project, but it also means that features that were reportedly in development for Dreams, like multiplayer, and features that would’ve been great to have, like PS5/PS VR2 support, won’t happen.

Along with the ending of live support for Dreams, Media Molecule is migrating it to new servers, which also includes imposing storage limits on user creations, the good news being that it means that the game will live on on these new servers beyond the September 2023 live support end date.

There’s a full in-depth post on the changes available here, but Media Molecule also posted a quick FAQ on everything which we’ve copied below:

What does this mean for Media Molecule?

Media Molecule will continue to work on bringing joyful, playful, innovative experiences to players around the world. We’re currently working on a new project that we’re not ready to talk about at this stage, but stay tuned for more information in the future.

Why have you decided to end live support for Dreams?

We’re very proud of Dreams and grateful for the way you, the community, have embraced all it has to offer. Whilst we’ve always had the desire to build on the foundation of Dreams and expand the experience, when reviewing our plans we were not able to define a sustainable path. We made the decision to change the studio product strategy. This is obviously disappointing to many people inside and outside of Mm, however we are incredibly excited for what will come next.

When will live service support end?

We will be releasing our last update (discounting critical bug fixes) for Dreams in September 2023.

We will still support the ability to play, create and share Dreams with others after September.

Will I still be able to access and play Dreams? Will I still be able to create in Dreams?

Yes, you will still be able to access and play, create and share Dreams after the September update.

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What happens between now and September?

Between now and September we will be releasing our final updates for Dreams, including an update to animation and create mode, the server migration and Tren.

Will I still be able to buy Dreams after September 2023?

Yes, you will still be able to purchase Dreams after September 2023.

Will events like the Impy Awards or DreamsCom still happen?

No, we won’t be continuing community events such as All Hallows’ Dreams, the Impy Awards, or DreamsCom.

Will there be any additional bug fixes after September 2023?

We may deploy critical bug fix patches after September. Any issues you encounter during your time using and playing Dreams can be reported via our ticketing system, forums or our social channels and our teams will investigate where appropriate.

Is the studio working on Dreams 2?

Media Molecule is working on a new project. We are not ready to talk about this yet, we can confirm that it is not Dreams 2, or the Dreams IP.

Will indreams.me still be supported?

Indreams.me will still be accessible after September, but we won’t be adding any new features. We will still post editorial content on the site, manage the forums and fix critical issues.

Will I still be able to access my creations after September?

Yes, creations will still be accessible in Dreams after September.

Is there any way to import/export creations made in Dreams to other software?

No, there is no way to export creations from Dreams. Music and video using the PlayStation share button can be exported however.

If I delete Dreams, can I reinstall it after September 2023?

Yes, you will still be able to re-install Dreams after September 2023. The game will still be available.

Will you continue with community support/social media posting of Dreams/Livestreams, etc?

Yes, we will continue to support Dreams on social media.

Will Multiplayer/PS5/PSVR2/3D printing support come to Dreams?

No, the planned releases for Dreams do not include multiplayer, PS5/PSVR2/3D printing support. There will be an update to animation and Create mode and Tren.

But MP was on the Trello board. What happened?

While we have done research and development on many areas for Dreams, unfortunately we’re not able to bring these features to the game.

What is the point of the server migration & changes if live service is discontinuing?

We still want to allow people to create in Dreams in a secure way, so the server work is a technical update to assure the stability of the Dreams server.