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It Looks Like PlayStation’s Reign Of Terror On Your Inbox Is Over

My inbox is relieved.

For the longest time, but especially since the introduction of the PlayStation Plus Extra/Deluxe subscription tiers, PlayStation users have been subject to both the initial alarm and eventual inundation of emails from the company whenever a PlayStation Plus game was redeemed.

We’ve all seen them, the “Thank You For Your Purchase” emails that pop up whenever a game is added to a user’s PlayStation library – even if it was a PlayStation Plus title – causing us to do a double-take and wonder if we’ve accidentally spent some money. Or the 15-20 identical emails in a row that come flooding in when redeeming all of a month’s new catalogue additions at once.

Now though, it seems as though those days are behind us. In recent weeks, users have begun reporting on Reddit and other message boards that they’re no longer receiving the infamous emails when redeeming PlayStation Plus games. We’ve tested it ourselves, picking up this month’s PlayStation Plus Essential titles like Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Meet Your Maker as well as some legacy PlayStation Plus Extra games, and nearly 24 hours later have still not received an email of any kind. Hurray!

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If this is indeed an intentional change on PlayStation’s part, it’s certainly a welcome one. Though, as some users have pointed out, it does come with some concern over what might happen if some kind of proof of redemption is needed in the future should a situation arise.

For now, you can breathe a sigh of relief that when you grab April’s list of 16 new PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe catalogue titles, your inbox won’t suddenly be flooded worse than mine gets when I don’t order Uber Eats for more than 24 hours and they think I’ve died.

It’s not just spammy emails that are being given the axe, though – PlayStation’s also removing Marvel’s Spider-Man from the PlayStation Plus Extra catalogue.