XDefiant: Closed Beta Details

The XDefiant Beta Is Live Now, Here’s How To Play

Don't miss out.

Ubisoft’s brand new online arena shooter, XDefiant, is celebrating the launch of its first crossplay test today and you can register to join in on the fun right now!

This test will have no NDA, meaning that players can discuss their experiences with each other, write about first impressions and share video content showcasing gameplay.

  • Starting – April 14th @ 3 AM AEST
  • Ending – April 23rd @ 4 PM AEST

The closed beta period will introduce Ranked matches and feature five game modes – Escort, Zone Control, Domination, Occupy, and Hot Shot – as well as four playable factions and all 14 maps that will be available at launch. It will also include access to the game’s full launch-day loadout options, which include 24 weapons, 44 attachments, and five explosive devices. Player, weapon, and challenge progression will be available during XDefiant’s closed beta but there are 10 exclusive cosmetic items you will be able to keep, including the XD Style emoji, MP7 Graffiti weapon skin, and more.

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You can also unlock the “Violet” D50 Pistol Weapon Skin and “Violet” MK 20 SSR Weapon Skin by watching partnered and category streams on Twitch during the Closed Beta.

Other Ways to Play

Aside from registering for a chance to play XDefiant’s closed beta above, you can also tune into Twitch Streams including Ubisoft’s XDefiant Showcase (starting at 3 am AEST) to earn game access drops.

XDefiant is Free-to-Play and will be available on all platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4|5 and Windows PC.