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Chrono Odyssey Is An Upcoming PC And Console MMORPG That Looks Visually Stunning

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South Korean studio, Npixel, has lifted the lid on its upcoming MMORPG, Chrono Odyssey, debuting a stunning four-minute trailer that shows the game in all of its gorgeous, Unreal Engine 5-powered glory as well as revealing the first details of what players can expect from the ambitious title.

It’s not the first trailer we’ve seen for Chrono Odyssey, but it’s the first one that showcases what looks convincingly like actual, in-game gameplay footage – and it definitely looks like quite the sumptuous visual feast.

Set in the open world of Setera, Chrono Odyssey promises a world that feels “ever-changing” and will supposedly transform over time with the passing seasons. It’ll feature fast-paced combat that requires players to master one of six distinct classes and square off against deadly foes with unpredictable attack patterns.

The game’s central gimmick involves the ability to manipulate time and space, manifesting in both the combat and the progression of the journey which will apparently see players rewinding events and even exploring alternate timelines. Of course, it’s an MMO so you’ll be experiencing all of this with hundreds of other players in a “dynamic social experience.”

Check out the Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Reveal trailer below:

Chrono Odyssey is a next-generation open world MMORPG.

  • Explore the breathtaking wilderness of “Setera,” where an open-world full of life and constant changes awaits you.
  • Engage in combat with challenging foes and hone your skills in attack, defense, dodging, and a range of unique abilities across six classes.
  • Utilize the incredible power to manipulate time and space to your advantage, freezing time, rewinding events, and exploring further in ways you never thought possible.

While a release date for Chrono Odyssey hasn’t been revealed, it’s been confirmed as coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can read more on the PlayStation Blog.