Neva Is A Beautiful New Adventure From The Folks Behind Gris

Another indie classic in the making.

Gris is easily up there among my favourite indie releases for its gorgeous, painterly aesthetic and breezy platforming gameplay woven into a quietly powerful personal tale.

Now, the people over at Nomada Studio have announced their new project via today’s PlayStation Showcase, and it’s another beautiful-looking sidescroller by the name of Neva.

Neva will tell another emotionally-charged story, this time portraying a young woman and her wolf companion as they navigate a dying world. The pair will overcome perilous dangers and strive to break free of trauma in their journey, with Nomada aiming to build on what it achieved in Gris’ presentation while adding new gameplay depth and even bigger production values.

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Neva is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC in 2024. Take a look at the breathtaking debut trailer below: