thirsty suitors

Thirsty Suitors Finally Has A Release Date

Can't wait for this!

During this morning’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase, the publisher revealed the release date for a game that we’ve been incredibly keen for since it was first announced at The Game Awards in 2021, Thirsty Suitors.

The game, which director Chandana “Eka” Ekanayake has described as “Baby Yakuza,” will release on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC this November 2nd

Thirsty Suitors follows Jala as she wrestles with her demanding parents, reconciles with her exes, and attempts to mend broken friendships in time for her sister’s wedding. Jala’s confrontations come in the form of stylish and fast paced turn-based battles featuring a very unique “mood” system but the game will also feature skateboarding and cooking sequences throughout its narrative.

PC players can try out a playable demo of Outerloop Games’ exciting upcoming title as well as wishlist it right here.

You can see the gorgeous Release Date Trailer for Thirsty Suitors below:

“Can Jala learn to love herself and heal the wounds of her past? Thirsty Suitors is a stylish, story-driven adventure that unfolds through turn-based battles, skateboarding, and cooking.”