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AEW: Fight Forever Is Getting A Battle Royale Mode And It Looks Nuts

Only one may fight forever.

There have been (royal) rumblings of a battle royale mode headed to AEW: Fight Forever since long before the Yuke’s-developed return to arcade wrestling action launched last month, but now we have official confirmation of the free Stadium Stampede mode coming “soon” to the game – and it looks like a heap of dumb, chaotic fun.

Featuring 30 wrestlers all competing for the win at once in a whole-ass football stadium, this mode certainly keeps in check with the over-the-top, arcade-like vibe to AEW: Fight Forever only bigger and even more ridiculous.

Check out the Stadium Stampede Battle Royale Teaser for AEW: Fight Forever below:

We gave AEW: Fight Forever a healthy 7.5/10 in our review, saying “AEW: Fight Forever’s focus is clear right out of the gate. It sacrifices things it can’t deliver due to budget to serve up a wrestling video game that is so shamelessly rooted in Iwashita’s genetic code with No Mercy. Despite its shortcomings, Fight Forever feels as time-honoured and classic as Hulk Hogan’s trunks.”