A New Persona 5 Tactica Trailer Is Out Along With A Heap Of New Info

Persona-lly, I'm very keen for this.

ATLUS has been fast and loose with sharing new info on its upcoming tactics RPG spin-off, Persona 5 Tactica, which brings the Phantom Thieves back in a new adventure with a strategic twist.

Not only have we got a brand-new trailer featuring the new Yoshiki Kingdom to feast our eyes on, but a bunch of new info (which you can find in full over at Gematsu) to get excited about. Take a look:

Yoshiki Kingdom

Newly-revealed is the Yoshiki Kingdom, which takes the Phantom Thieves to a mid-1800s-style Japanese Kingdom where the crew must stand up to its militant and cruel ruler, Yoshiki. The Thieves will need to disguise themselves as samurai, geisha and more to infiltrate and free Yoshiki’s imprisoned citizens.

Battle Mechanics

ATLUS has also explained some key battle mechanics in Persona 5 Tactica including the ability to switch between your three active party members at any time to strategise and plan before finalising your actions or setting up a new take on All-Out Attacks, the Triple Threat.

Players will also be able to use the high ground to Strike Down their enemies, or even knock them towards another party member for a free follow-up attack.

Difficulty Settings 

Persona 5 will also have five difficulty settings to choose from, which can be changed at any time if battles are feeling too difficulty or too easy. If a character does fall in battle, you’ll be able to Baton Pass to bring in someone else from your reserves.


Along with the character trailer, ATLUS has also shared a heap of new info on the game including the reveal of the Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack which will see familiar faces Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa return in a new mission.

Two DLC packs will also be released, a Summons Pack and a Weapons Pack: Enemy Series, with both packs and the Repaint Your Heart Challenge DLC all releasing at the game’s launch and available separately, in a bundle, or in the $129.95 Digital Deluxe Edition.

Persona 5 Tactica releases on November 17th for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Amazon currently has pre-orders available at a discounted price of $79 with free shipping.

The game will also launch day one into Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC.