Metaphor: ReFantazio’s Release Date And Special Editions Have Been Revealed

Fantaztic news!

ATLUS fans are eating good this year, with the recent release of Persona 3 Reload being soon joined by Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance in June, and now a firm release date for Metaphor: ReFantazio, Atlus’ Studio Zero’s debut project helmed by former Persona director, Katsura Hashino.

The publisher has revealed a heap of new information on the game in a special “ATLUS Exclusive” showcase, including the announcement that Metaphor: ReFantazio will be launching worldwide for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC on October 11th, 2024.

Along with a ton of in-depth gameplay details and a fresh, new trailer for the game, ATLUS also revealed various special editions including a physical Collector’s Edition and digital “ATLUS Brand 35th Anniversary Digital Anniversary Edition.”

You can see The King’s Trial trailer just below:

“From the creative minds behind Persona 3, 4, and 5 comes Metaphor: ReFantazio, a unique fantasy world, where your protagonist will journey alongside his fairy companion, Gallica, to lift the curse from the kingdom’s lost prince. Control your destiny, face your fears and awaken magical “Archetype” powers that lie dormant in your heart. By awakening to an “Archetype,” you will unlock the power to channel and combine the abilities of unique job classes. Strengthen your bonds and build your party to take down powerful foes and discover the kingdom’s true nature.”

Though we haven’t yet had confirmation of a local release here in Australia (we’ll keep checking and update when we do), the Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector’s Edition is priced at $149.99 USD and will include the following:

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Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector’s Edition Includes:

  • Physical Base Game
  • Steelbook Case
  • Soundtrack
  • Artbook
  • Homo Tenta Metallic Pins
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Kingdom of Euchronia Cloth Map
  • Costume & Battle BGM Set DLC Voucher
  • Atlus 35th Anniversary Digital History Book + Soundtrack
  • Pre-order Bonus Voucher – Archetype EXP Chest Set and Adventurer’s Journey Pack