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Amazon Australia Is Now Selling A Range Of Digital Games And Gift Cards

Straight to your digital door step!

Amazon Australia has revealed that, as of now, Aussie shoppers can purchase digital codes for full games on console and PC platforms for the first time, as well as a range of digital currencies and pre-paid memberships.

It’s obviously not the first retailer to offer Aussie customers the option to purchase pre-paid digital game downloads, but where previously a smattering of games would pop up from time to time in Aussie stores as a redeemable code option this is a much more widespread offering that’s built into the Amazon shopping ecosystem and hugely increases the online retailer’s range when it comes to gaming.

You can find the full range of Digital Video Game products on Amazon right here, but below are some of the examples of what’s available so far:

Digital Video Games At Amazon

Nintendo Switch Full Games

Nintendo Switch Downloadable Content

Digital Currencies


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Xbox Digital Games

The new additions not only encompass full game downloads, but a range of digital currencies, add-ons, memberships and more, giving customers the ability to buy codes through Amazon and manage them through their account, gift them to others and potentially find them in bundles and sale activity in the future. For most games that have a digital equivalent offering, now when looking at the title on Amazon on any platform the digital code will also show as an option.

As of the launch, things like PlayStation and Roblox currencies, Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online memberships and a range of digital Nintendo Switch first-party games are available, with games for other platforms and a wider range of currencies and add-ons hopefully on the way.

Head of Consumer Electronics and Media at Amazon Australia, Matthew Benham, said of the new launch, “Our new Digital Video Games offering represents an exciting addition to the gaming range available on Amazon Australia. We know that our customers come to looking for great prices, a large selection and convenience. We can now provide Australian gamers with the opportunity to purchase an extensive range of digital PC and console games, free-to-play games, digital game currencies and other digital gaming content, with the added convenience of finding this and everything else they might need on, from gaming accessories through to the ultimate home entertainment set up.”