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Payday 3’s Content Roadmap Has Been Revealed Along With Two New Characters

So much content!

On top of running an open beta on Xbox and PC over the weekend, Starbreeze and Deep Silver also dropped a new update on post-launch content plans for the massive new entry in the series, as well as a brand-new trailer introducing two new characters – Pearl and Joy.

Already planned for the game are four DLC expansions which will presumably introduce new maps and gameplay opportunities, but also promised as part of regular updates and seasonal events are new characters, weapons, visual improvements, gameplay updates and heaps more fun stuff. It sounds as though support for the game post-launch will be in plentiful supply, which hopefully bodes well for its longevity. Here’s everything that was shared in the blog post:


We’re nearing the launch date on September 21 (Early Access on September 18), but today we wanted to give you a glimpse of what’s to come for Year 1 of PAYDAY 3 and its future content.

Besides 4 DLCs, with names yet to be fully determined, we’ll also look at seasonal events, playable characters, new enemy, weapons, Unreal Engine 5 upgrade, cosmetics, quality of life improvements, new features and much more. Let us know in the comments which part you’re the most excited for!

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Last week you got a first look at the two additional playable characters in PAYDAY 3, Pearl & Joy. Today we’re giving you a first-hand look at how they will play and look like. Have at it!

We recently got the opportunity to go hands-on with the game in a preview environment, saying “While it plays it relatively safe in terms of improving on a tried formula, it adds some new wrinkles that further flesh out options within heists and their numerous phases. The SURPHAZE Art Gallery is also a promising look into the types of locations we can expect in PAYDAY 3’s heists, and I have no doubt that challenging difficulty modifiers will bring a lot of replay value to the table when the game launches.