PlayStation Portal

The First PlayStation Portal Unboxings And Impressions Are Arriving

And it's coming to Australia!

Update: The PlayStation Portal has now been confirmed for an Australian release, coming on February 2nd for $329.95. You can pre-order it below:

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The PlayStation Portal, Sony’s new dedicated device geared at PS5 remote play at home or anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection, is out in select regions as early as next week and we’re now starting to get the first glimpses of the Portal in the wild thanks to early review units.

At least one outlet, Spanish-language website Hobby Consolas, has begun posting their PlayStation Portal content with an unboxing video and early impressions of the hardware. Embargoes prevent it from actually showing the device in operation or talking about the switched-on experience but it’s offered some insight into the feel of the thing.

The outlet describes the feel of the device as pretty similar to the DualSense controller, which is hardly a surprise, saying it’s robust but still fairly light in the hand. In the below video you can see that it’s pretty big overall with the sizeable 8″ display flanked by two halves of a DualSense.

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One unique difference is obviously the touchpad, which naturally isn’t present in the centre of the “DualSense” as usual, and has instead been mapped to either side of the Portal’s touch display, meaning it shouldn’t be too awkward to reach over and tap when needed. Definitely a much better solution than the awkwardness of trying to activate it on a phone using something like a Backbone controller.

I’m honestly quite amused by the back of the unit, which looks like the DualSense version of when someone turns a normal car into a stretch limousine:

ps portal back

Of course, the PlayStation Portal is not yet confirmed for a local Australian release, but in other global territories it’s launching next week on November 15th for $199.99 USD (around $310 AUD).