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You Can Now Use PlayStation Stars Points To Buy Destiny 2 Currency

Something new to spend them on!

Since the PlayStation Stars reward program launched just over a year ago, it’s mostly been all about challenging players to fire up particular games or score specific trophies in exchange for a whole range of themed digital collectibles – including that adorable Shuhei Yoshida bobblehead – but the offerings of actual digital games and content that players can redeem with their banked-up points has been a little less exciting.

Now though, it seems like PlayStation’s in the early stages of updating its PlayStation Stars rewards with the first new addition in a hot minute – a bundle of 500 Destiny 2 Silver in-game currency worth $7.55 and costing 1,250 points, which is decidedly better than the 2000 points it currently costs for $8 of PlayStation Store credit if you were to do it that way.

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What’s interesting about this though, more so than the fact that you can now drop your hard-earned reward points on virtual currency for Destiny 2, is that we know that PlayStation is gearing up for a big push into live service games, which could point to this being a cheeky little test for whether users are willing to rack up points for their virtual spending to then spend said points on more virtual stuff.

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We could very well see PlayStation Stars, a service that until now hasn’t made a whole lot of impact, deeply entrenched into PlayStation’s live service ecosystem as it continues its foray into monetising the hell out of its stable of uber-popular IP.

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