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Sony Seemingly Showed Footage From The Gravity Rush Movie At CES 2024

Don't rush out to cinemas just yet.

During its CES 2024 press conference, Sony spent some time talking about its efforts in the entertainment space including film and TV, and to fans’ shock that included what appears to be a brand-new snippet of footage and behind-the-scenes from the Gravity Rush film.

First announced in 2022, the film has been in the works at PlayStation Productions and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, with Anna Mastro (The Rookie, Shameless, Gossip Girl) tapped to direct from a script penned by Emily Jerome (Panopticon).

The clip was shown as part of a reel for Sony’s Torchlight virtual film production house and so it mostly looks like in-progress or proof-of-concept stuff that may never actually see the light of day, but it’s encouraging to see it featured at all and hopefully means there’s more Gravity Rush film news on the horizon. Interestingly, the same video also features what looks like a remastering of the PSP classic Patapon though it’s unclear if that was included just to illustrate the points being made:

Elsewhere in the presentation, Sony also talked about its other video game adaptation projects like the God of War series on Amazon and the Horizon series on Netflix, both of which it revealed have writing work underway.

You can watch the full Sony CES 2024 press conference here: