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The PlayStation Store’s Critic’s Choice Sale Is Back With Deals On Some Banger Games

Critical hits.

The PlayStation Store shows no signs of stopping with its regular digital sales, and now it’s cycling back to a classic – the Critic’s Choice Sale. While there’s no word on who these mystery critics are making the choices, what it means for PS5/PS4 owners is a new round of digital deals on a mix of games, some incredible some… less credible.

The dedicated sale page should go live on the PlayStation Store over the coming day or so, but in the meantime we’ve already identified and popped down some of our picks below:

PlayStation Store Critic’s Choice Sale

As usual, some of the below games may be even cheaper for PlayStation Plus members, and some may already be included in PlayStation Plus Extra or Deluxe tier memberships. Most of these deals end Feb 15th at 10:59 AEDT.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

The Gun Is Mightier Than The Pen

The Sword Is Cooler, Though

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Tina Turn-Based

Don’t Call It Palworld Pokemon

I Ran Out Of Ideas For Headers But Here’s More Games