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The First PlayStation Plus Deluxe Game For April Has Leaked And It’s A Star Wars Classic

Not so Hidden now, are you Empire?

As is sometimes the case, it seems like one of PlayStation’s upcoming Classics titles for the PS5/PS4 in April has revealed itself ahead of time thanks to content on the PSN backend being picked up early, and this time it’s the 1996 PS1 Star Wars rail shooter gem, Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire.

While not revolutionary by modern standards, this short space shooter was pretty impressive for the time both in its in-game visuals as well as its use of original, live-action video sequences and iconic film score.

The listing for the game appeared on PlayStation Store tracking portal, PS Deals, which shows a release date of April 16th – the date of the next PlayStation Plus Extra/Deluxe catalogue drop – as well as the store description for the game which carries the same messaging as other PS1 classics that arrive as part of the Deluxe subscription.

Aside from the usual, the game’s text also reads, “Experience STAR WARS Rebel Assault II – The Hidden Empire originally released on the PlayStation® console, enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.

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“This completely original chapter in the STAR WARS saga offers breakthrough technology in graphics and an entirely new storyline. Experience the most exhilarating and interactive space combat in this or any galaxy.”

PlayStation’s March lineup of games for Plus Extra/Deluxe members only dropped last week, giving us titles like Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Resident Evil 3, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier and Cool Boarders.