vampire survivors

Vampire Survivors Is Coming To PlayStation

My day has come.

Vampire Survivors is coming to PlayStation.

These are words I’ve longed to hear, even as someone that does own a Switch, an Xbox, a PC that can probably just run the game and a mobile phone where I’ve had every opportunity to play developer Poncle’s fiendishly-addictive hit. And to be fair I have played a ton of it already. But trophies, people!

Poncle has confirmed that the game will be headed to PlayStation consoles in “Winter” this year, so at some point around mid-year. The base game as well as all of its DLC packs will be available when it launches.

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The studio also announced another exciting crossover DLC pack with “Operation Guns,” a Contra-themed expansion that adds (you guessed it) a heap of guns as well as a difficulty curve tuned to excite old-school arcade shoot-em-up fans.

“Operation Guns embraces the visceral simplicity of classic Contra, with build-focused Characters that encourage min-maxing and stat manipulation, a tonne of weapons (we’re talking 20 including evolutions!), and a difficulty curve that combines quintessentially arcade-hard gameplay with the original Vampire Survivors formula,” Poncle says of the DLC.