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A Stellar Blade Sequel, DLC And PC Port Are Being Planned At SHIFT UP Along With A New IP

SHIFT UP is shifting into gear.

After seemingly seeing a good amount of success with the recent launch of Stellar Blade exclusively on PS5, developer SHIFT UP is reportedly already looking to the future of the series as it also works on another entirely new IP.

The news comes via a new public offering filing from the studio on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index, which describes the new IP, codenamed Project Witches, as a “next-generation mega subculture” title which it compares to games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. The game will be coming to console, PC and mobile in 2027 at the earliest, and the company hopes for it to surpass the success of its existing free-to-play mobile game, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

“Beyond Stellar Blade, we are developing a new IP-based game, Project Witches, for release in 2027 or later, and are considering a PC version of Stellar Blade and a sequel,” the filing document reads (translated from Korean and shared by Gematsu). “We believe that our ability to develop new IP that can be successful without relying on existing IP will enable us to grow sustainably compared to other game companies that are locked into existing IP.”

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Looking back to Stellar Blade itself though, SHIFT UP says it’s making plans to continue supporting the title with new content including additional gameplay elements and collaborations with other IP, as well as looking into a PC port and even a potential sequel.

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“For Stellar Blade, we have plans to introduce new gameplay elements, including downloadable content releases, a PC version, and new IP collaborations. Meanwhile, the company’s global one-build approach allows for simultaneous global updates to ensure a consistent game experience for users and rapid deployment of content at a low cost,” the company writes in the documents, adding further in, “There are many precedents for AAA titles to evolve into IP franchises by extending their lifespan through a series of high-quality sequels and maintaining a long-term monetisation base. As a result, we are exploring the possibility of a PC version of Stellar Blade and a sequel.”

We gave Stellar Blade a huge 9/10 in our review, with Harry saying, “Stellar Blade recalls the classic era of character-action games in truly inspired fashion. It might struggle to deliver on its core narrative, and its platforming is often more frustrating than it isn’t, but neither of those things are enough to bring down a thoroughly enjoyable action experience. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve, but manages to build on them in engaging fashion with a deliciously layered combat system and gorgeous presentation to boot.”