A New Rise Of The Ronin Update Has Arrived With Added Missions And Features

Rise, again.

Team Ninja has shared a new post over on the PlayStation Blog, giving fans some fairly interesting insight into the development of March’s PS5 exclusive, Rise of the Ronin, and how the studio’s previous games help inform some of the creative decisions behind it.

Along with this, the post also reveals a major new update coming to the game this week that tweaks a number of gameplay improvements and new features along with added and expanded content including new Ally Missions. A lot of the updates are focused on offering more options to players who’ve sunk their teeth into everything the game has to offer and want new challenges and better ways to replay existing content.

Here’s what’s been revealed as rolling out to the game now (and for many, already rolled out):

Rise of the Ronin May 2024 Update

New and expanded content

  • 5 new Ally Missions added.
  • When replaying a world in Midnight, you can choose to have Public Order deteriorate again.
  • Level sync selection feature added to missions from Testament of the Soul.
  • Two new Set Bonuses added to Midnight difficulty.
  • Addition of dojo training partners.
  • Add Martial Skill type bonus and raise limit of target score.
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Gameplay Improvements

  • When equipped with the same weapon type on weapons 1 and 2, the number of styles can be expanded to a maximum of 6.
  • Changed the specifications so that special equipment will be given even if the player does not confess.
  • Changed the specifications so that greetings with characters after a breakup will return to normal over time.
  • Adjusted to make it easier for asynchronous characters to be selected.

Rise of the Ronin Review – Humbled By Ambition


We gave Rise of the Ronin a respectable 7/10 in our review earlier this year, with Harry saying, “While still an apt Souls-like experience, Rise of the Ronin struggles to find its identity amongst Team Ninja’s catalogue. It feels like it’s being pulled in different directions, and starts to collapse under its own ambition in the third act. In saying this, the DNA of Nioh and Wo Long is palpable here, and I have no doubt that fans of Team Ninja will enjoy this first foray into open world design despite its shortcomings.”