Dragon Quest III HD-2D

An Update On Dragon Quest III HD-2D Has Finally Arrived


Exactly three years after Square Enix first announced it, it looks as though the HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III has finally resurfaced.

While it hasn’t directly mentioned the DQ3 remake by name, Square Enix posted a tease on social media that features the winged crest from the game’s logo along with the words “The legacy begins” and a caption that reads, “The legend of Erdrick draws near.”

The consensus among online pundits is that Square Enix is lining up a grand re-reveal of the project during the upcoming Summer Game Fest activities in June, and there’s a degree of expectation that what we’ll see is an upgraded version of what was shown back in 2021 that makes use of advancements in the trademark “HD-2D” style in the time since.

We also know from the teaser that the game is coming specifically to PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

There’s also been some degree of speculation online that the scope of the remake has also been upgraded to cover the entire “Erdrick Trilogy” of Dragon Quests (Dragons Quest?) 1-3, thanks to that “The legacy begins” setup, though it’s also been argued that since DQ3 is technically set before DQ1 and DQ2 in the chronology of Erdrick’s story there’s no reason to think anything has changed there.

At any rate, it’s good news just to see the DQ3 remake still exists in the wake of recent changes at Square Enix around its release strategy. Dragon Quest is a big enough franchise to be sure, but it’d been a hot minute, and now we know it’s coming – and across multiple platforms.