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Octopath Traveler Has Surprise Dropped On PlayStation Along With Octopath Traveler 2 On Xbox

It's pricey, though.

Well, that was fast.

After it was outed early by a rating from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee and then again by the full trophy list appearing online, the original Octopath Traveler has officially launched on PS5 and PS4.

The game comes in at a fairly eye-watering $90.95 on PlayStation, even more expensive than its sequel on the same platform, though it can be nabbed in a bundle with Octopath Traveler II for a more sensible $107.95 provided you’ve not already bought the other one.

For the money you get the same game, along with a seemingly-revised and easier trophy list, for the first time on PlayStation consoles since it debuted in 2018. You can find it at the links below:

At the same time, and making the gulf in entry fee even wider between the platforms, the original game has made its way back to Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC along with its sequel coming to Xbox for the first time and also as part of Xbox Game Pass, meaning subscribers can play both games as part of their membership. You can find those just below:

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To celebrate the series being available on all current consoles and PC, Team Asano has also added a free update to Octopath Traveler II which introduces an ‘Extra Battle’ mode available after defeating the final boss in the final chapter. This new mode lets players test their skills against new and tough enemies – including the main characters of the first game.


We gave Octopath Traveler II a healthy 8.5/10 in our review last year, with James saying, “Octopath Traveler II does an earnest job of trying to right the wrongs of its predecessor, making more attempts than ever to integrate the stories of its eight characters. While the result falls slightly short of this promise, Octopath Traveler II offers everything the original did and more. It’s a stellar RPG with a fantastic presentation and mechanically robust gameplay systems that any genre fan shouldn’t miss.”