Octopath Traveler’s PlayStation Trophy List Has Appeared Online

The game still hasn't been announced.

Despite the fact that Square Enix still hasn’t officially acknowledged the port, there’s now no doubt that Octopath Traveler will be coming to PlayStation consoles in the very near future, with a recent rating by the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee now followed by the full trophy list appearing on PSN servers.

As shared by Exophase, the list that’s gone live seems to be significantly smaller than on Xbox, with just 29 trophies in total versus 88 achievements, and if accurate it looks like a lot of the thornier ones have been removed. It actually looks like quite a breezy platinum overall, if you’re inclined to check out most of what the game has to offer.

You can see the trophies (mind the story spoilers) and their values below:

Octopath Traveler PlayStation Trophy List

A Story All Your Own (Platinum)
Unlocked all trophies.

The Journey Begins (Bronze)
Embarked on a journey.

First Break (Bronze)
Broke an enemy for the first time in battle.

Ultimate Power (Bronze)
Used a Lv.4 Boost for the first time in battle.

Better Safe Than Sorry (Bronze)
Fled from battle.

Eight Travelers (Silver)
Gathered all eight travelers.

Novice Scrapper (Bronze)
Fought 10 battles.

Fighter (Bronze)
Fought 100 battles.

Brawler (Silver)
Fought 200 battles.

Master of Your Craft (Silver)
Learned a job’s divine skill.

A Hill to Remember (Silver)
The Savior defeated and Lianna saved, Ophilia continues offering guidance to the people of the realm. May the Sacred Flame light your path.

For the Future’s Sake (Silver)
After defeating Lucia in the ancient ruins, Cyrus succeeds in deciphering From the Far Reaches of Hell. He continues his research, resolute in his personal mission to see knowledge passed on to future generations.

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The Next Chapter (Silver)
Content in the knowledge that her journey itself was her treasure all along, Tressa entrusts the next chapter of the journal to Noa and presses on, determined to become a famed merchant.

To Protect Those in Need (Silver)
With Werner defeated, Olberic continues his journey, vowing to protect those in need.

A Vow Fulfilled (Silver)
Her revenge complete, Primrose sets out anew, vowing to continue dancing.

His Hero’s Words (Silver)
Alfyn cures Ogen and continues on his journey, carrying on the convictions of Graham, the traveling apothecary who once saved Alfyn’s own life.

Master and Prentice (Silver)
H’aanit defeats Redeye and at last reunites with her master. Surely this is the first in a long line of tales yet to be told.

A Wanderer’s Life (Silver)
Therion wrests control of the emerald and gold dragonstones from Darius. His freedom restored, Therion resumes traveling wherever the wind takes him.

Well-Informed (Silver)
Gleaned information from 50 townspeople.

Out Cold (Silver)
Knocked 50 townspeople unconscious.

Balogar’s Wisdom (Silver)
Obtained runelord as a secondary job.

Steorra’s Wisdom (Silver)
Obtained starseer as a secondary job.

Winnehild’s Wisdom (Silver)
Obtained warmaster as a secondary job.

Dreisang’s Wisdom (Silver)
Obtained sorcerer as a secondary job.

Closure (Gold)
Defeated the dark god Galdera and sealed the Gate of Finis once more.

Worth the Detour (Gold)
Resolved the troubles of everyone in the realm.

Skillful (Gold)
Learned every skill.

Full Support (Silver)
Learned every support skill.

The Strongest Sojourner (Gold)
Dealt maximum damage.