Nightdive Is Bringing Back The Thing With Yet Another Remaster

At least we can trust Nightdive to do the right thing

Earlier in the week at an IGN Live event, Nightdive Studios, known for their stellar remasters of games yearned for in the past, revealed that they will be bringing back The Thing.

The game served as a sequel to the original film starring Kurt Russell, and sees players stepping into the frozen boots of Captain Blake, the leader of a team sent to investigate the events that transpired in the film.

When it was released all the way back in 2002, the game was unique in that it had a trust system in play. If you acted strange, your squadmates would distrust you and behave erratically. Alternatively, if you distance yourself from your squad too often, they, too, may become infected. The big kicker here is that testing kits are limited, so keeping an eye on your squad is important. It’s a unique system that’s never been in a game since.

The remaster is an upgraded version that will run at up to 4K resolution at framerates of up to 120FPS. Nightdive has also made improvements to the character models, textures and animations. You can expect improved lighting, too, to better hammer home that atmosphere that the original game was known for.

The Thing: Remastered will hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC later this year.

You can check out the official reveal trailer below: