HTC VIVE Flow Glasses Are An Immersive VR Headset In A New Form Factor

HTC VIVE has lifted the lid on the VIVE Flow – immersive glasses designed to transport users wherever they need or want in a compact and portable device.

The VIVE Flow allows wearers to interact with apps and games, stream video content and more through the same Viveport app store as its full-fledged VR headsets, using a compatible Android smartphone as a controller and media source.

The glasses themselves weight just 189g and have a unique hinge designed for maximum portability and fit for a variety of head shapes and sizes. It also features active cooling and hot-swappable face gaskets to make it easy and safe to share. Inside the glasses are 3.2K resolution screens with a 75Hz refresh rate and 100-degree field of view, plus 3D spatial audio and Bluetooth headphone compatibility.

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HTC VIVE has also unveiled a Viveport subscription plan giving users access to a range of immersive well-being apps from brain training, meditation, productivity and even light gaming for a price of AUD $8.99 a month.

The Vive Flow glasses will be available in November with pre-orders starting today, at a price of $749.