Samsung’s 2022 TV Range Includes Micro LED, Brighter Neo QLED, A Gaming Hub, 144hz Support And More

Samsung has announced its 2022 TV line at CES and there’s decent improvements across the board, with brighter displays, improvements to The Frame range and Micro LED becoming closer than ever to households.


Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED line was already great, but it’s getting even better this year. Neo QLED Mini LED TV line will now feature better local dimming thanks to new features including one called Shape Adaptive Light Control which will reduce stray illumination by analysing on-screen objects and another called Object Depth Enhancer which will be able to further sperate objects from their background (presumably to get an image that’s even closer to OLED). In select models, brightness will go from 12-bit to 14-bit. Dolby Atmos will also feature in the 2022 TV line with top firing speakers.

Samsung 2022 TV

At least the high end 8K model (potentially the 4k one as well) will feature a 144Hz refresh rate. Obviously, the PS5/Xbox Series X don’t support beyond 120Hz but this is great news for those that use their TV to PC game.

The new TVs will also have a full-screen home page which will allow you continue watching movies and tv shows from a number of streaming services.


In 2021, Samsung introduced the Game Bar which showed things such as your current frame rate as well as whether VRR is turned on/off. This is being taken even further in 2022 with the Gaming Hub. This will bring in services such as Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, YouTube Gaming and you’d think at some point Xbox Cloud Gaming, and will let you continue playing games right from the home screen without jumping into the app.

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Samsung 2022 TV


Micro LED is without doubt the next big thing in TVs, and whilst it’s still going to cost an arm and a leg this year, it’s finally getting closer to being in the home. Samsung has announced that 89″, 101″ and 110″ models will be available this year. The line will offer 1 million steps of brightness, 100% DCI and Adobe RGB colour gamut and a 99.99% screen to body ratio. The TV will also include The Frame’s art mode and Dolby Atmos speakers.

Samsung 2022 TV


Samsung has updated its Frame TV to become even better in art mode. The new Frame has a matte display which is anti glare, anti reflective and anti finger print to look more lifelike than ever. Samsung said that it is “a lifelike paper and canvas texture”. This new screen will also go across to the Serif and Sero line.

Samsung 2022 TV

We’ll get more information on Samsung’s 2022 line in the coming weeks. Normally we can expect to see them hit stores in June/July.

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