LEGO Mario

LEGO Donkey Kong And A Massive Dry Bowser Castle Are The Next LEGO Mario Sets


LEGO has announced two new LEGO Mario sets that will release in the middle of this year.

Firstly, the company announced that Donkey Kong will be getting his own starter kit following in the footsteps of Mario, Peach, and Luigi. Mario will be able to ride him, which is pretty damn hilarious.

A brand new expansion set will be coming on August 1st featuring Dry Bowser. It’s a 1,321 piece set that will cost $169.99 AUD and can be pre-ordered now.

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As far as characters that will be included in this set, you’ll get: Dry Bowser, a Magmaargh, a Bone Piranha Plant, a Bone Goomba and a Purple Toad.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the release date for the LEGO Donkey Kong set.