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ASUS’ ROG Ally Handheld Is Coming For The Steam Deck’s Crown

ROG and Roll.

ASUS has announced its own foray into the world of handheld gaming PCs with the ASUS ROG Ally, the culmination of the company’s years of experience in portable PC gaming performance.

It’s a clear competitor to Valve’s Steam Deck, and like that device it’ll give players a viable way to play their PC games on the go on a portable, handheld device. The ROG Ally will use Windows 11 and ASUS’ Armoury Crate software to manage game libraries from multiple platforms, as well as offer high-spec performance and features at a “competitive price.”


ASUS has worked with AMD on the ROG Ally to produce what it claims is “the fastest AMD APU yet” for a proper AAA gaming experience in a handheld device, combined with a 7-inch, 1080p 120Hz display and quiet, dual fan design. It’ll also be compatible with the ROG XG Mobile eGPU to add extra performance with an external graphics card and allow play on a TV/monitor while charging the ROG Ally device.

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Of course, the big question will be availability and price point. So far, ASUS has only flagged US/Canada retailer Best Buy to carry the device at release, but if it can get the ROG Ally into Australian Stores it’ll have at least one big advantage over the Steam Deck locally.

Take a look at the (strangely 80s-flavoured) promotional video for the ASUS ROG Ally below:

“At ASUS ROG, we’re always pushing the boundaries of gaming, constantly striving for better performance in smaller devices. From convertible laptops, tablets, to controllers and even smart lenses, nothing has ever stopped us from going further and harder.

Now we’re combining all our know-how into one single device: Introducing the ASUS ROG ALLY, ROG’s first handheld console! You’ll never have to stop gaming again!”