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The Meta Quest 3 Is Available Right Now In Australia

Not long to wait!

After it was officially unveiled last month, the all-new Meta Quest 3 has officially launched in Australia and is available now.

Prices for the Meta Quest 3 start at $799.99 AUD for the 128GB variant – including Asgard’s Wrath II as a bonus for purchases before January 27th, 2024. A 512GB version is also available for $1049.99 with an extra added bonus of a 6-month Meta Quest+ membership.

Where To Buy Meta Quest 3 In Australia



What’s New In The Meta Quest 3?

The Meta Quest 3 is the next evolution in Meta’s mixed-reality push, and is (according to Meta) the first mainstream headset “built for mixed reality” as well as being the company’s most powerful headset to date. It sports double the graphical processing capability of the Quest 2 thanks to the new Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform – powering its stunning dual 2064 x 2208 displays which utilise 4K+ Infinite Display optical technology and have an increased field of view over the Quest 2.

The device itself has a new look as well, with better features for fit and comfort and slimmed-down controllers with no more giant rings. Of course, a noticeable update is the camera array on the front of the headset which powers the Quest 3’s mixed reality experiences, allowing you to interact with the real world around you and use virtual displays and tools overlaid onto actual space thanks to proper, colour video passthrough. There will even be Xbox Cloud Gaming support coming in December this year.

“Ready to experience the most powerful Quest yet? Introducing Meta Quest 3, the breakthrough mixed reality headset that lets you blend virtual objects with your physical space or dive into full immersion. Play, work out, create, watch your favorite content and connect with friends like never before. With the world’s best library of immersive content, get ready to expand your world. “