The Elgato Prompter Is Here To Change The Streaming And Content Creation Game

This is so cool!

Elgato has just announced arguably one of its biggest new streaming and content creation products since it first introduced the Stream Deck.

Simply dubbed the Prompter, it’s a (you guessed it) teleprompter designed with at-home creators in mind and packing some nifty features to not only offer an easy-to-use readout for things like scripts and chat but pretty much anything you might want to display off-monitor and with camera eye contact in mind as well as huge compatibility and flexibility.

Just like other teleprompters, the Elgato Prompter works by projecting text from an upwards-facing (9″ 1024 x 600 px) display onto a mirror that faces the person speaking, with their choice of camera – whether it’s the Elgato Facecam or a multitude of other options including DSLRs with flexible mounting – mounted behind the glass to create direct eye contact with the camera while reading.

The big benefit with the Prompter of course is a full integration into the Elgato ecosystem. You’ll be able to control what it displays easily from your PC and/or Elgato Stream Deck device and it’s not just for reading scripts – you can pop anything you want to display on there to save space on your monitor display whether it’s a YouTube video, Teams chat or just some nice messages to yourself like “Hey! You’re looking less dehydrated today!”

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When it comes time to throw actual scripts in there to up your content creation game, the Elgato software is also set to provide a wealth of customisation and options for how things are displayed, and if you’ve got the excellent Elgato Stream Deck+ you’ve got easy access to dials for controlling the scroll and speed on the fly. And it’s all plug-and-play through a single cable!

The Elgato Prompter is available to order direct from the Elgato website for $279.99 USD (approx $440 AUD).