The Playdate Is Finally Back In Stock And Shipping To More Places Than Ever


Panic has revealed that the Playdate has finally crossed a very important milestone with all existing pre-orders fulfilled and units finally being made available for general sale.

“Today, after a lot of hard work and logistics, Panic is thrilled to announce that they have caught up to all Playdate pre-orders,” the company said, revealing that a limited number of Playdates are currently available for purchase at its official store at (and still are available at the time of writing). The Playdate is currently priced at $199 USD (around $300 AUD) with shipping to Australia coming in at roughly $30 AUD.

Going forward, Panic will be announcing to the public whenever more stock of Playdate is present and ready to deliver, but keen punters will still be able to place orders even when it sells out again with their place being reserved in the next batch and a clear estimate of when they’ll see it. The device itself has now sold over 70,000 units since launching in 2022.

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Playdates will also now ship to even more countries, including our friends in New Zealand, with shipping expanded to quite a few more SEA and European regions.

We praised the simple joy and ingenuity of the Playdate in our review back in 2022, saying, “The Playdate takes the wonder and excitement that we used to get with video games in the 90s and jams it into a tiny portable handheld that delivers at every turn. Its price point and non backlit display are the only things holding it back from being something that every gamer should own.”