Overwatch’s Competitive Mode Has Been Detailed

Blizzard have revealed more about Overwatch’s competitive mode including season length, skill-based ranking and rewards. We now know that each season will be two and a half months, with a two-week break in between. They’ll be based on real-world seasons based on the Northern hemisphere.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan also said that one of the main reasons for the delay was that roughly 35% of games were going to sudden death which they wanted to minimise.

The competitive ranking system will focus on a skill rating rather than a progressive rating. You can expect to gain and drop tiers as the season goes on.

Rewards will be available in the form of exclusive cosmetic rewards such as sprays and player icons. Top players will also get special unlocks in the form of golden gun camps.

It is expected that Overwatch’s competitive mode will launch in June. A date is yet to be confirmed. Way more information is in the video below.