Our Love for Overwatch’s Bastion, Ignited by a Single Video

Overwatch’s oversized battle automaton Bastion hasn’t always been a favourite amongst players of the team based shooter but since the debut of “The Last Bastion”, a beautifully animated Overwatch short in which the robot unit stars, players seem to have had a change of heart.


Bastion remains difficult to counter in-game due to outputting incredible 35 rounds per second in Sentry mode and dealing 4-15 damage per hit when stationary and paired with his Ultimate ability which allows him to transform into a tank for several seconds, he can become nearly unstoppable in the hands of a skilled player. This said the short certainly does shed some light on a significantly more gentle side to the Tank and I can’t help but adore his tiny, feathered companion Ganymede (Possibly named after Jupiter’s largest moon or a hero of Greek Mythology that shares the name) .

For those who share my affection for the little bird nesting on Bastion’s shoulder, the official Overwatch Twitter has announced that an exclusive Ganymede plushie will be added to the Blizzard Gear Store in the coming months.

The Last Bastion is the fifth animated Overwatch short so far and the others have focused on the stories of Soldier 76, Hanzo, Widowmaker, and Winston. Assuming that Blizzard intends on releasing animated shorts starring each of the twenty-two available characters, we can expect at least seventeen additional productions in the future and personally, I can’t wait to see the origin story of the explosive Aussie anarchist, Junkrat!