New Gears Of War 4 Enemy Mimics Pro Players To Prepare You For Multiplayer

When speaking to The Coalition’s Creative Director, Chuck Osieja about the evolution of the Gears of War multiplayer, he revealed to us that they purposely built an enemy into the game that mimicked the actions of pro players throughout playtesting. Whilst he didn’t think that this was something that players would pick up on while playing through the game, he definitely thought that it would help prepare players for the much faster paced multiplayer.

“We have a new enemy called the Juvie which is a new enemy in the game that’s actually designed to mimic pro players in the campaign. What happens is that most people will play the campaign and then go into the multiplayer, but they can’t handle players who wall-bounce. So with the Juvies, we actually created something that mimics how pro players wall-bounce through the environment so that you’re already getting trained in the campaign, so that when you get into multiplayer, you’re actually more competent because you’re already used to tracking enemies that move around the map.” Osieja said about a brand new enemy that is designed to improve your skills.

Gears of war 4 will release on Xbox One and Windows 10 on Friday, October 7th for Ultimate Edition owners and Tuesday, October 11th for regular edition owners.

Stay tuned for our full interview with The Coalition’s Chuck Osieja.

  1. I’m saddened that in order to play the game 4 days earlier it’s 40 more bucks than the 79.00 preorder. Release the game to everyone all together so it’s an even playing field. Four days practice for rich guys, a glorious death for us bums. Anyway, got Xbox one s model, 4 k tv, great headset, a bag of reefer, elite controller, and adult depends. Im ready……. are you?

    1. I had only the Standard Edition pre-loaded on PC up until a few hours ago. Xbox had a Live Twitch Stream earlier tonight though, that was advertised from a while back. They gave away 90 Ultimate Edition codes. I assumed it’d all be raffle style and nearly impossible to win. The first 60 were actually pasted on the screen every minute though. They disappeared really quickly, so you had to be extremely fast at typing them in on the redeem page of the Store. Very early into it, I got one, like on the 10th or so code.

      So, there were chances to get some deals. I just wish now I hadn’t already pre-ordered the Standard Edition so early. Now I own both, and since I purchased the digital code for the Standard Edition from Amazon 2 weeks ago or so, I’m basically stuck with 2 versions. Whatever though, it’s worth it I guess. I’d give the Standard Edition to a friend if possible though.

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