Project Scorpio Will Literally Be The Most Powerful Console So Far

When Microsoft announced that Project Scorpio would be the world’s most powerful console, many were understandably sceptical. EuroGamer and Digital Foundry were fortunate enough to get some time with the new console and were happy to confirm pretty much everything Microsoft has promised will become a reality.

EuroGamer have the full details but we’ve picked out what we think are the best bits.

The specs are seriously souped up

The CPU is 30% faster than the Xbox One. The GPu is 460% more powerful than the Xbox One. The huge amount of RAM is also similarly impressive – not only is it much faster than what’s on offer but there’s much more for developers to play around with (8GB up from 5GB). The point of all this? Developers will be able to stream higher quality visuals, and faster.

Forza 6 Tech Demo Running 4k 60FPS Without Struggling
Forza 6 Tech Demo Running 4k 60FPS Without Struggling

Project Scorpio is easily more powerful than the Playstation Pro (on paper)

Well, so far at least. Like any console, it’s totally dependent on the developer making games for it. Digital Foundry says that looking at it from purely a numbers perspective, that the Playstation Pro is “licked”. But it’ll of course be much more expensive. We don’t have a price estimate just yet, but Digital Foundry reckons it could be $499US

The console will have a 1TB hard drive and Ultra HD Blu-Ray functionality

It’s pretty disappointing to still see consoles run on so little storage space, especially given the premium positioning of the Scorpio. For those who still buy Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs (we acknowledge the format is not selling like hotcakes), the Scorpio having a drive for this is a great feature to have added in.

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