There’s A Good Reason Crackdown 3’s Environmental Destruction Is Limited To Multiplayer

One of the more curious things I happened to notice about Crackdown 3’s trailer during Microsoft’s E3 conference was that the previously promised fully destructible environments were sadly absent.

Explosions you’d expect to tear through a building’s foundations splashed off the wall like a wet fart and I feared that the feature had been shelved for some reason.

Fret not though, as game design director Gareth Wilson told Eurogamer that the destruction hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still there, it’s just confined to the game’s multiplayer, which wasn’t the focus in the most recent explosive, Terry Crews centric trailer.

“The destruction was always planned for the multiplayer side of the game,” Wilson said. “We’ve got this big competitive multiplayer game where you play in a large multiplayer arena, 20-30 minute battles, and the aim of the game is to smash the crap out of their tower, and they have to destroy your tower before the time runs out. That’s where the destruction works great.”

One of the main reasons Sumo chose not to include such vast destruction to the single-player is due to the fact that online computations are used to help handle the stresses the destruction causes and, as such, a constant online connection would be required to make that happen. Even during single player.

Wilson admits that their messaging was a little poor in the game’s first unveiling.

“We didn’t do a particularly good job of messaging that,” Wilson said. “It was always that we were going to have two games: a classic campaign with four-player co-op, which is a homage to the original title with similar mechanics and updated graphics and more narrative. And then the cloud stuff was always going to be in the multiplayer.”

Crackdown 3 releases on Xbox One on November 7. It’s also an Xbox One X enhanced title.

Thanks, GamesRadar