Target Australia Isn’t Planning On Stocking Xbox One X (At This Stage)

It doesn’t look like Target will be stocking the Xbox One (or at least don’t plan to) if this tweet is to be believed.

In response to a gamer asking if Target would be stocking the Xbox One X, Target said “Hi there, at this stage we don’t currently have plans to stock the Xbox One X. However, it is great to see we have interest in this item!”

In a follow up tweet in response to the same gamer asking if they wanted a piece of the action (due to the fact that it sold out in like an hour on other retailers), Target said that they still had no plans to stock the item and advised that they should check back at a later time.

“We have noted the interest for this item however at this stage do not have any plans! Feel free to check back with us in the future :)”

We’ve reached out to Target to clarify their position on the Xbox One X.